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Plush Sofas

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At Gravia Media we understand retail brands.
At Gravia Media we understand retail brands.

After partnering with Plush Sofas way back in 2013 Gravia set about changing the media creative and strategy as fast as possible.

Taking the experience gained with several years on Dare Gallery, we implemented the same philosophy we had seen deliver consistent results. Strategy days were immediately implemented with all stakeholders to make sure everyone was on the same path. We enjoyed open, honest and healthy communication with the Plush team. Moving Plush away from a generic (normal) media buy, we could take advantage of media channels we knew their larger competitors rarely utilise well.

National radio promotions let us access free promotional air time for the cost of a sofa, and keep us on-air in non-sale periods. The results were felt in a matter of months, matching other significant changes being made by the Plush team.

Challenged by larger clients with larger budgets, Plush Sofas approached Gravia Media after significant successes we’d had working with sister brand Dare Gallery. At the time of the change in agency Plush were coming off a year of -10% LFL sales decline.

Early planning full-day workshops identified several opportunities for growth. These included paying better attention to the significant regional stores which lead to a national tour of all showrooms. We removed national regional buying through the major networks and setup local buying for all stores. Changes to the creative messaging followed to represent the product more appropriately, and increased the call to action of the material going above the line.

The results for 4 consecutive years were: +25%, +35%, +15% & +6%.

I’ve worked with Grant and the Gravia team since 2011. Gravia put the Plush brand up in lights. They were dynamic, they were fast at making decisions, and we gained an edge as a result. They visited every showroom in the country and they analysed every showroom individually, again to gain us a competitive advantage.

The Gravia team have the rare talent to provide creative input, competitive prices, seven days a week availability and an understanding that targets have to be achieved. They have been integral to the improvement of the Plush business.

Chris Burke, CEO | Plush Sofas