Australian Paper

Australian Paper is home to the iconic Australian brand Reflex.

Reflex is an iconic Australian brand. Despite that, their sales had been in steady decline for over twelve years.

Gravia created a new campaign that spoke directly to Reflex’s target audience: office managers.

Entitled Everyone relies on me, so I rely on Reflex the campaign went live in January 2019 utilising outdoor, online and radio. The messaging spoke directly to the ‘unsung heroes’ of corporate Australia, who also happen to be the decision makers when it comes to procuring office supplies.

Australian Paper

With traditional media channels losing momentum and in many ways now eclipsed by the power of social and outdoor platforms, businesses such as ours need to be more creative than ever when it comes to campaign strategies and media planning and buying.

Gravia Media keeps on delivering fantastic media opportunities and we have just wrapped our most successful multi-channel Reflex market campaign to date.

Thanks and kudos to Gravia for thinking outside the box and over-delivering for such brilliant results within the Australian consumer market.

Annie Walsh, Head of Marketing Australian Paper