What do we do? It’s simple really – we buy media and come up with strategies for of all kinds of media throughout Australia and New Zealand. Sure, it might sound like nothing new, but it’s the way we do it that makes us different. In most cases we can identify how your business can gain an advantage over your competitors straight away.

We’ll also show you clever ways to achieve a much better media buy. At Gravia, we love an underdog. Our clients are often challenged with larger opposition with larger advertising budgets. That’s why we’ll show you how a focused and clever strategy will gain a share of voice well above your investment.


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Of all household appliances, TV is often the most watched. We buy television ads on major networks, pay TV, catch-up TV, regional TV and more. It’s more affordable than it’s ever been, and it can be booked in all sorts of different ways.


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Radio should be more than ‘spots and dots’ on the page – you should also be able to hear it. We know all the ins and outs of how to make radio work through on-air mentions, promotions, and commercials.



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Who doesn’t love seeing their brand up in lights? (Come on, name at least one. Bet you can’t…) By using our huge outdoor network across Australia, billboards are a sensational way to elevate your brand in a very cost effective way, especially if you’re able to make a quick decision.


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We’ve got access to all the major print publications and we’ll provide you with a range of introductory offers and last minute opportunities that come through our office thick and fast daily. In the time it took you to read this paragraph, another opportunity just landed in our inbox.


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See your brand on the big screen and reach thousands of potential customers in a captive environment.


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Gravia Digital’s online offering includes SEM, SEO, Social, programmatic targeting and retargeting, DSP, online video and all forms of online creation/ production. Our tried and tested programmatic strategies help us to discover and engage new customers by using the latest media channels to ensure your chosen traditional media platforms are consistent with your online methodologies.



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Harness the power of social media to engage with your target audience.



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Leverage the popularity of popular figures to build trust in your brand and reach new audiences.


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Reach your target market when they’re on the go using smartphones and tablets.


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Make your business a part of the atmosphere and keep your brand at top of mind.


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Hit the road with your target market with advertising on trains, trams and buses.